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Têra Kaia High-Cut Toura Basewear Review

Check out the video review I did of Têra Kaia's High-Cut Toura Basewear. Text of the audio in the video is below. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about the basewear that I didn't answer in the review.

Hello everyone, this is Aprilclimbs. Today I’ll be talking about my favorite sports bra company, Têra Kaia (formerly known as Arêt Basewear) I own almost the entirety of Têra Kaia's high cut toura basewear bras. Colors of the basewear that I own are as follows: neptune, olive, orchid, mars, dune, desert rose (limited edition), sangria (limited edition), and river. There is one additional limited edition color that was released called pine that I missed out on. I’m a size 32c for my everyday wire bra, so I wear and prefer the high cut toura as opposed to the low cut. Têra Kaia recommends on their website that folks with more breast tissue than muscle should go with the high cut, which is exactly the case for me. I also prefer the more modest coverage with the high cut. I’ve tried the low cut just for comparison and it does sit too low on my chest than I’m comfortable with. It should be noted that neither the high cut or the low cut toura have cup inserts. The design of the bra is cute, but most importantly comfy. Half the time, I feel like I’m not even wearing a bra. The bras are also fully reversible so it’s like getting two bras for the price of one. The elastic band along the bottom hem is also stretchy enough that if I grow in the chest a few inches, the bra will still fit. The straps of the bra also make your shoulders and back pop, without digging into the skin in the process and lay flat against the back. I’ve worn this bras while climbing at the gym and crag, swimming, hiking and even on camping trips. I love how I can wear it multiple days in a row without it smelling gross. The only downside I’ve found is that for high intensity activities like running, it doesn’t provide enough support for me. Overall, the toura has become my go to bra for low to medium impact sports. If you'd like to purchase a Têra Kaia toura, use code lady-crushcrew-10 for 10% off your purchase!

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