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Review of the La Sportiva Miracle Jeans

The La Sportiva Miracle Jeans are an improvement on the Mescalita Pant, however there are some features on the Mescalita Pant that I would have liked to see carry over to the Miracle Jeans.

Waistband, front and back pockets of the Miracle Jeans. Paired with Tera Kaia Toura High Cut Basewear.

In terms of waistband, the Miracle Jeans fit similarly to the La Sportiva Mantra pant whereas the Mescalita pant waistband seems to be a blend between the Mantra and Tundra pants (the Mescalita pant is more form fitting than the Tundra, but not as tight as the Mantra, which I loved). As I mentioned in my review of the Mantra pant, which also applies to this review of the Miracle Jeans, generally I found the waistband to be too tight in my typical size (medium), so I would advise sizing up. However, I did not order a second pair of the Miracle Jeans, so I cannot speak to how the size large fits. The size medium Miracle Jeans fit me the most comfortably the first thing in the morning and feel great the rest of the day. If I put the Miracle Jeans on later in the day after my stomach is bloated from eating and drinking water throughout the day, it's not as comfortable or flattering. I especially found this to be the case when I was on my period. The design of the waistband is breathable which was nice since sweat can accumulate for me at the hips when I'm top roping or lead/sport climbing.

Back view of the Miracle Jeans with the La Sportiva Women's Theory and without shoes. Miracle Jeans in the photo on the right is paired with the La Sportiva Futura Longsleeve in color Topaz.

The Miracle Jeans are longer than the Mescalita Pants. As you can see in the photo above, the end of the pant leg is touching the floor/ending at the heel of my foot (Note: I'm shorter than the typical woman and clocking it at 5'3", so bear that in mind when making your decision), whereas the Mescalita Pant sits perfectly at my ankles. The obvious fix to this is to roll up the pant legs of the Miracle Jeans. I have not had to roll up the pant legs of the Miracle Jeans once I wear shoes though, so I think the extra few inches with shoes on makes a huge difference. I could anticipate the length being an issue in the size large, but seeing as how I have not tried them, I cannot say that with a certainty.

Front view of the Miracle Jeans. Miracle Jeans paired with the La Sportiva Futura Longsleeve in color Topaz.

One of my favorite features of the Miracle Jeans are its huge pockets. This was a feature that was missing from the Mescalita pants that ended up being its biggest drawback in my opinion. The pockets on the Miracle Jeans are big enough to hold my cellphone in while up on the wall without fear of it sliding out and falling into the abyss. When compared to the Mantra pant, which has two generous pockets in the front of the pant and one on the back, the Miracle Jeans appear to have smaller two front pockets, however that is made up for by the two back pockets.

Climbing a 5.12a project (left) and 5.11a warm-up (right) in the Miracle Jeans.

I have not climbed outside with the Miracle Jeans so I cannot speak to how they would hold up against abrasions against rock, however I have climbed inside with them and have used them for everyday wear. I have not had any issues with tears, rips or holes. The Miracle Jeans are also flexible in all the places I need it to be.

Overall, I recommend the La Sportiva Miracle Jeans. You can purchase the Miracle Jeans in the box below, as well as check out the other La Sportiva pants and products I mentioned in this review.

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