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Review of the Women's La Sportiva Mantra Pant

The La Sportiva Mantra Pant is a comfortable, yet form fitting pant perfect for climbing in or while walking around town.

Flaking out my 40m Edelrid Boa 9.8 rope at the gym. La Sportiva items pictured - Women's Theory climbing shoes, Women's Mantra Pant, Stratos Mask and Xcape Tank. Photo by Walter Koning.

The Mantra pant comes in a close second for me in terms of my favorite La Sportiva pants. The winner of favorite pant goes to the Tundra pant (you can check out my review of the Tundra pant by clicking here) mainly because of the difference in how the Mantra's vs Tundra's elastic waistband fits. The Tundra's waistband is significantly looser than the Mantra, which works well for me because my weight fluctuates (I'm 5'3" and ~137 pounds). This is really the only drawback for me with the Mantra pant, but that situation is easily remedied by sizing up one size. So in La Sportiva pants that fit similar to the Tundra (ex Supersonic, Petra, Mescalita, Patcha Leggings), a size medium works well for me. In La Sportiva pants like the Mantra (ex Miracle Jeans, Itaca Pant), I should be wearing a size large if I want a comfier fit. The length of the legs is not ultimately that much different from the medium to the large. The large is just slightly longer than the medium and fits my legs just fine.

Right side view of the Mantra Pant. Also pictured - La Sportiva Women's Chemistry Tank.

The Mantra pant is form fitting and stretchy in all the places I need it to be. The Mantra pant features articulated knees and a diamond gusset crotch that enhances range of motion, while the nylon/spandex fabric blend provides excellent stretch and superior comfort. There are no worries of splitting a seam in the crotch while stemming in the middle of the gym like I have in the past with other pants. I also like how form fitting the Mantra pant is when compared to the Tundra's baggy legs. Occasionally the Tundra pant, in combination with my Stratos mask, makes it slightly more difficult to see my feet while up on the wall. I didn't notice this issue as much with the Mantra pant. For the boulderers out there, you'll also notice that there is an integrated toothbrush sleeve on the right leg of the Mantra pant.

The nylon fabric of the Mantra pant is also pretty durable. The last few times I'm been to the gym, I've woken up the next days with some bruises on or around my knees. Clearly there is some contact with my knees against the wall or holds, but you'd never know that by looking at the knees of my Mantra pant - no small tears, rips or holes, nothing. I have not had a chance to wear these pants outside yet, so I can't speak to their durability against rock, but for gym purposes, these are great.

Leading a 5.10d project in the gym with the Mantra Pant in the Black color scheme. Video by Monika Bear.

The pockets on the left and right side of the Mantra pants are fairly deep. I actually forgot I had my phone in my pocket one night at the gym and realized it when I was already halfway up a route. Since the pockets are so deep, I wasn't worried about it sliding or falling out of my pocket and hitting someone on the ground. I also love how bright and beautiful the colors of the Mantra pant are. I've received a number of compliments on the Hibiscus/Neptune color scheme.

If you're in the market for new climbing pants, I cannot recommend the La Sportiva Mantra pant enough.

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