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La Sportiva x Lady Crush Crew Spring Athlete Series

We miss you all! While in-person events are still on hold, that doesn’t mean that we can’t continue to come together virtually!

Our fall @lasportivana Athlete Series was so successful, we decided to bring it back for a spring series! We are thrilled to announce that we have a fantastic lineup of athletes doing a series of virtual events for us, which will be free for anyone who wants to join! Stay tuned for more information!

Below is a quick little lineup of who we have planned, but keep a close eye on our events page - there may be a few more added soon, and we’ll be posting more details as the dates get closer.

Visit WWW.LADYCRUSHCREW.COM/VIRTUAL for more information!

Fri, March 19 @ 5:30pm PST - IG Live Interview with Jeff Yoo (@drjeffclimbs)

He’s an emergency room doctor and a climber that specializes in bouldering, sport climbing, and gym-rat shenanigans. He started climbing at the late age of 25. His love and passion for climbing has continually grown and 10 years later he’s still pushing harder than ever!

Wed, March 24 @ 6pm PST - IG Live Interview with Lauren Callaway (@laurencallaway)

She spent most of her life close to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, and more recently the Wasatch and Uintah Ranges in Utah. Climbing came to her as something to do after she got laid off from my first job out of college in 2008, but is now a crucial part of her life. Her favorite climbing is close to home, and she is lucky to call areas such as American Fork, Little Cottonwood Canyon, Joe's Valley, and St. George her "home" crags. She will be joining LCC to discuss gym-to-crag ethics and practices!

Wed, March 31 @ 6pm PST - IG Live Interview with Zach White (@zachoneverest)

Zach is a returning La Sportiva mountain athlete. He is an ultra-runner and high altitude mountaineer with sights set on some of the world's highest peaks. He enjoys the planning process of multi-day runs and week-long trips just as much as actually completing the feats! During this chat we will talk about expanding your outdoor capabilities with proper trip planning and preparation.

Tues, April 6 @ 6pm PST - IG Live interview with Jonathan Siegrist (@jonathansiegrist)

Ever wonder… “how did the bolts get up there? Or what even IS the process of route development? Or maybe, why is this thing so freaking run out!?” Well, Jonathan will attempt to help answer some questions just like these! He’s an accomplished climber and route developer, and he’s going to share some of his wisdom. Come along for the ride and bring any and all questions about route development, bolting or first ascents.

Wed, April 14 @ 6pm PST - IG Live Interview with Drew Hulsey (@drewclimbswalls)

Drew is from Nashville, TN, and has been climbing for 2 years. He’s a weekend warrior who loves to be out in his rusty van. You can find him trying to climb the best he can at most southeast crags.

Wed, April 21 @ 6pm PST - IG Live interview with Becca Frangos (@becca_frangos)

Becca fully embraced the mountain ethos she grew up surrounded by, trying her hand at skiing, mountain biking, and even figure skating. But it was climbing that ignited a fire inside her, a desire to not only compete but excel at the highest level. She now competes internationally as part of the Canadian Climbing Team while working on a degree in Biology and Psychology. She loves climbing for its supportive community, the fact that it continually tests her mental fortitude, and that it has allowed her to develop life-long friendships with other athletes around the world.

Wed, April 28 @ 6pm PST - IG Live interview with Angela Lee (@thedirtbagfarmer)

Angela (she/her) is a second-generation Korean-American woman, homestead permaculture farmer at Sol Mountain Farm, Colorado attorney, and founder of the San Luis Valley Climbers Alliance. Social justice work sets fire to her soul, and nothing gives her more fulfilment in life than a pair of splitter twin cracks. Angela will be sharing her perspective on systems of oppression that exist within our climbing community, current initiatives to undo those past harms, and tips on how to act in solidarity to smash the patriarchy!

Mon, May 3 @ 6pm PST - IG Live interview with Beth Rodden (@bethrodden)

Beth took the climbing world by storm in the 2000s with her incredible number of first ascents, including the first free ascents of many of the routes on El Capitan in Yosemite Valley. She’s beloved on social media for her honest and vulnerable perspectives on climbing, motherhood, and body positivity.

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