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La Sportiva Jackal Review

COVID-19 has dramatically shifted my work-out routines. Pre-COVID, I was going to the climbing gym about 3 - 4 times a week for about 2.5 ish hours each session. Since the gyms have been closed since late March, I've had to find other activities to supplement my hangboard and homewall workouts, like running. The La Sportiva Jackal has made my entry back into running great.

The Jackal is well cushioned and supportive - which is a plus for me because I occasionally suffer from shin splints. I've been trying to keep a steady routine of running three days a week for a total of 10 miles a week as I'm slowly getting back into the swing of running again and am happy to report that I have not felt my shin splints flair up after wearing the Jackal. These shoes are now my go to shoes for about any activity - whether that's jogging around my neighborhood, hiking at one of my favorite local spots or just running errands around town.

Sizing of the shoe feels on par with most of La Sportiva's other shoes. I ordered a size 6.5 (37.5 EU) in the La Sportiva Jackal and haven't felt the back of the shoe rub against my achilles or like the shoe was too small for my feet. The size I ordered in the Jackal is one half-size up from what I ordered in the La Sportiva Boulder X and TX4 approach shoes (size 6/37 EU), which also fit my feet well. The half size up gives my feet a little room to breathe without feeling like I'm slipping out of the shoe. It also is roomy enough for when my feet start to swell after a run. So far I've logged 93 miles (walking/running) in the Jackal and they've felt amazing on my feet.

What surprised me the most about the Jackal was how lightweight the shoe is. I was pleasantly surprised when I lifted the Jackals out of the box and compared them to my old Nike Downshifter 6 running shoes - the Nike's felt noticeably heavier than the Jackal.

Looking forward to putting many more miles in the La Sportiva Jackal!

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