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Interview with Chelsea Murn (@ladybeta.coaching)

I did a thing! Most of you who have been following me for the past year know that I’ve been working with the fabulous Chelsea Murn @ladybeta.coaching to up my climbing skills. She started a podcast a few months ago and invited me to chat! Thanks so much for having me Chelsea, it was a lot of fun! Give the episode a listen below! This was my first time ever being on a podcast so don’t roast me too much. 🤣


The newest episode of the podcast is up now! I am SO EXCITED to release this one.

@aprilclimbs and I have been working together since the beginning of 2020 and I am beyond impressed with her every time we talk. From crushing her training during lockdown to making positive change in the climbing community, April is seriously a ray of sunshine in this world ☀️.

In this episode we talk all about how she balances working a 9-5 with her other commitments and training along with how she handled lockdown (and is stronger than before it all happened!). Head to iTunes or Spotify to listen and if you loved this be sure to leave a review!! 💕

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